• Unique Wearable Art from Shovava

    Roza Khamitova is the creative force behind the artistry of Shovava - a clothing line she launched in 2011 from the majestic and magical Byron Bay in Australia.  Originally a native of Kazakhstan, her designs and patterns draw inspiration from nature's beauty, but are also infused with her own sense, understanding and admiration of the infinite qualities of the human spirit.  Her ideas are born of long solitary walks in the jungle, through bristling fields or along almost pin-drop quiet stretches of sand. Shovava's trademark winged scarfs reflect that soaring imagination and embody a sense of individuality, power, freedom, and adventure.

    This extremely detailed design features Gorgeous Barn Owl flying over Cherry Blossoms. Lacy moon is her companion.

    Hand-painted and then digitally printed Art of a DAY Owl - "Light Feather". This is a highly detailed representation of a mysterious gorgeous creature. This scarf would make the most amazing gift for your loved ones!

    Delicately hand-painted and digitally printed Art of Wide-Spread Wings, this highly detailed representation of Nature, Freedom and Beauty. Just put it over your shoulders to look & feel divine. This scarf would make the most amazing gift for your loved ones!

    Truly versatile, this scarf looks great paired with any outfit, SO many ways to wear it! Classic scarf or shawl, tube top or halter top, as a bandana or turban, sarong or wrap skirt... this piece of Art will protect you from Sun and will add that special something to any outfit.

    The skirt has 2 different sides: one with Artsy pattern and the other in classy black.
    You can wear it in a few ways: pull up the strings or you can pull them down completely and have a simple wrap skirt. The belt is a contrasting color of the other side.

    Hand-painted and digitally printed Art of Whistle floral, bold brush strokes and Soaring Swallows. Background is painted in a gorgeous ombre effect going from dark to light.

    The skirt is hand made from quality natural linen which won't cling to your skin, flowy with gorgeous weight that adds texture. It features two large pockets and stretchy belt stretching up to 46".

    Hand-painted and digitally printed Art of Feathers. Top section is painted in with smaller feathers slowly merging into full blown wings creating a beautiful pattern.

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