• Featured Artist Anne Marie King Who Uses Watercolour and Pastel Chalks to Create Silhouette Pictures

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    Spire Trends: Nice to meet you Anne… could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Anne Marie King: Thanks for the interest. I am a Norwegian artist , married with two kids, two cats and a handful of birdies. Art has always been my passion and i took several art classes in my youth. Then life had other plans for me. I restartet making art only a few years ago , now i am taking it to a new level .

    Spire Trends: What is your art background? I mean how did you start...

    Anne Marie KingSince I was a little girl I have always loved to draw. When i was asked what I wanted to be in my life I answered; I don't know , all i want is to draw' . I have a total of 4 years of drawing- education . 3 years spent to become a graphic designer. 

    After high school all I still ever wanted to do was to draw, so i thought designing was the way. I never really fancy the commercial part of it, so after those three years i had enough.   

    Then I took a year at a private school called 'Einar Granum' Kunstskole' . Best year of my life. Now I was expressing myself just following my own flow Here I learned the basics of painting and drawing in different techniques. 

    We drew from live models and was outside and studied buildings and rivers. After that I tried to enter the art academy here in Norway , But I never made it . I was too insecure. Eventually I dropped out to make a living . Then life had a turn and gave me a second chance to be with my passion . Now I am grabbing it with all my heart.

    Spire Trends: What are your main inspirations and subjects of your art?

    Anne Marie KingArt is a peculiar thing. I have this urge to express myself . And my way of doing it is by making pictures . I find inspiration everywhere . In nature But also in relationships. I put a lot of Feelings into my pictures . 

    My hope is that When people look at my pictures it will be emotional, like it touches them in a way . Maybe reminding them of an experience They've had and recall a special feeling . Open up the senses so to speak.

    Spire Trends: What medium do you usually use?

    Anne Marie KingYou asked about subjects in my art , I like to work with different medias . I have developed a mixed media technique Where I work in layers of watercolour and pastel chalks, to create silhouette pictures. 

    These are strong coloured happy pictures and people seems to love them. I have my contrasts and a dark side that I express in black and white. These are I think more emotional When I drew portraits or nature with charcoal and other dark mediums like black ink. 

    Spire Trends: Where do you sell your art works. Where else can we find you online?

    Anne Marie KingI have had a few exhibitions . But most of my works are sold through contacts on social medias like Facebook and Instagram .

    I am very active on those two medias and post daily and appreciate When people contact me there. You will also find me on Pinterest and Tumblr and my shop in Etsy.

    Illustration of a Relaxing and Sleeping Baby Monkey: Buy Here
    Illustration of a Worried Monkey: Buy Here
    Illustration of a Little Girl Hugging Her Teddy Bear: Buy Here 
    Illustration of a Single Shoe Buy Here 
    Illustration of a Big Dog and a Small Puppy Buy Here
    Watercolor and pastel chalks 
    Mixed Media of Pastel Chalks, Watercolor and Liquid Ink

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