• Featured Designer Ingrid from GueGueCreations: Modern and Edgy Handcrafted Wire Jewelry

    Available on: Etsy
    Seller: GueGueCreations
    Designer: Ingrid

    Passion for jewelry design began at a young age for Ingrid and this led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology. She absolutely loves handcrafting jewelry and Combining the gemstones and crystals in unexpected color combinations puts a smile on her face. Recently, we got a chance to chat with Ingrid. 

    Spire Trends: Ingrid, could you tell us a little bit about you?

    Ingrid: This is the toughest question on the list!  I'm a free spirited Native New Yorker, and I LOVE what I do!

    Spire Trends: How did you first start with Jewelry making? I read that you were introduced to it from childhood… could you elaborate on that? 

    Ingrid: My aunt introduced me to jewelry making as a child.  During summer vacations, my evenings were spent helping her complete designs she brought home from work.  This experience helped me realize that working with my hands was the way for me. 

    Spire Trends: What do you cal your style of jewelry in general? We have seen a lot of different styles, and your’s is very unique

    Ingrid: My style is a mix of modern, edgy, bohemian.  I don't normally plan my next design, they just come to mind.  I like to "go with the flow".

    Spire Trends: You mostly work with gold and sterling silver… is there any particular reason for that?

    Ingrid: I love working with precious metals because they last a lifetime.  I've met a lot of women who suffer from metal allergies, working with silver and gold makes my jewelry available to all women.

    Spire Trends: Going through your Etsy shop, we see that each product is limited to a few numbers… so… once they are sold do you not make the same design again?

    Ingrid: Some designs are One of a Kind, but most are made to order.  This makes each piece extra special, I enjoy creating with the buyer in mind.

    Spire Trends: How do you get inspiration for all those different designs?

    Ingrid: Inspiration comes randomly, most of the time before the end of the day.  Instead of my mind flashing back to the events of the day, it creates designs.

    Spire Trends: Do you get any help from someone for all the work or you do it all by yourself? 

    Ingrid: It's a one woman show!

    Spire Trends: Is Etsy the only place you sell your Jewelry? Where else can we find your products?

    Ingrid: Yes, currently I am only on Etsy.  Sometimes I do "pop up shops", these I promote on social media. 

    Thank you Ingrid! Find some of our favorite jewelry from GueGueCreations below.

    Boho Lariat Necklace, featuring a mint green/brown Chrysoprase gemstone as the focal point. BUY HERE

    This bohemian necklace is handcrafted using a raw crystal point, gray jade gemstones and 14k gold filled elements. BUY HERE

    Gold Ruby Necklace, set on black leather and 14k gold filled elements. BUY HERE

    Mixed Metal Heart Necklace, in 14K Gold Fill and Sterling Silver. BUY HERE

    This gold heart necklace is accented by black Swarovski crystal elements which add elegance and a touch of sparkle. BUY HERE

    These geometric hoops are modern and minimalistic in style. BUY HERE

    These boho dangle earrings are handcrafted using sterling silver wire and 14k gold filled dainty chains. BUY HERE

    These upside down hoops are minimal and chic, perfect for the minimalist who loves wearing modern jewelry! BUY HERE

    Blue Crystal Earrings. These wire earrings are delicate and sparkly, perfect for completing your modern looks with a pop of color. BUY HERE

    July Birthstone Earrings, in Ruby Red Crystal. Set in Oxidized Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Fill. BUY HERE

    Garnet Crystal Earrings, handcrafted using garnet red Swarovski crystal elements and 14k gold filled wire. BUY HERE

    Gold Arc Hoop Earrings available in 14K Gold Fill, 14K Rose Gold Fill, and Argentium Sterling Silver. BUY HERE

    These two tone earrings are sleek and futuristic, perfect for completing modern looks. BUY HERE

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